25 Creative Logo Designs Using Handwritten Fonts

For some individuals, handwriting is a representation of character and personality. It is widely recognized that every individual has different handwriting, at least when viewed from certain perspectives. Even an individual may produce different handwritings based on the prevailing mood and creativity. Handwriting is the oldest inspiration for company or organizational logos but it remains one of the most popular inspirations right now.

The uniqueness presented by the handwriting becomes a distinctive cluster in logo designs. Many corporations, like Ford, choose handwriting for the company logo. In addition to simplicity, the handwritten logos offer the observers with straightforwardness in meaning. They can be used as a separate entity or in combination with pictured logos. When used in combination, the handwriting can be used to emphasize the meaning of the pictured logo or vice versa. The following logos may inspire you.

La Femme

Fire Fly Music






laura notte




Opera Logo

North Dakota



Subversive Nature

Linda Milonga


Sevda Jewelry

Tiny Bird Told Me






The handwritten fonts are incredibly stunning and inspiring. Each offers different degree of complexities and styles. Using one of the handwritten logos will cut the time required to create your own. Nevertheless, you can also use them as the basis for creating another one or you can create different logos that really represent yourself. What do you think about the handwritten logos above? Are there any handwritten logo designs that inspire you? If you have a brilliant idea on handwritten logos, do not hesitate to drop your comments.

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  1. Shawn Rubel April 28, 2014 at 6:44 am

    Great collection, I’m impressed by the talent that some people are able to bring to the table, there is a lot of talent in this collection — thank you.

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