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If you’re interested in SEO, need help, or want some useful tips, you’ve come to the right place. Wix has everything you could possibly need to succeed. SEO is crucial online because, in a nutshell, it helps people who are looking for your product/service to find you within the search engine results. What’s the point in being there if nobody can find you? Here’s more about the latest SEO news at Wix and the features they offer:

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Wix Has A New Website

Wix released a great looking new website where you can view all of the different Wix SEO features. Here, you can find information on SEO basics, tools and apps, and technical SEO. You can learn a lot at a glance, so take a look!

Wix Now Offers Clean URLs

Good news, Wix now offers clean URLs. But what are clean URLs, exactly? Well, to start with this means that the URLs look much cleaner. They do not contain unnatractive, messy looking hashbangs or page IDs. These clean URLs also help to improve the visibility of Wix sites on the web. Even more reason to build your site and hone your SEO with Wix! The Wix Blog and Wix Stores URLs are shorter and more informative. It is also easier to submit Wix site page URLs to search engines as the escape fragment part of the URL does not need to be submitted. Just to top all of that off, universal analytics can be used with Wix sites. This change avoids any annoying issues when sharing your URLs. Clean URLs are the way forward!

Wix Now Has Advanced Blog SEO Capabilities

The great thing about Wix’s blog SEO capabilities, is that pretty much everything can be customized. The URL for every post is now customized, as well as the meta titles, meta descriptions, Titles on Mobile devices, and the excerpt of the post. You can even get a preview on how it looks on Google! Blogging is a crucial part of the modern day online marketing strategy, and Wix can help you to ensure you get it spot on.

Wix Offers A variety of SEO Apps via The Wix App Market

Wix offers an exciting and helpful range of apps via the Wix App Market. This includes the Site Booster App, which allows you to easily submit your site to directories. There are many free apps, free trials, and the option to go premium with different apps too. You can find other such apps by accessing the App Market, and searching for “SEO”. There’s bound to be something on there that you’re looking for.

The Exciting Wix SEO Challenge

In order to raise awareness of Wix SEO’s capabilities, they’ve got an exciting challenge going on in the world of SEO. Wix are so confident that they are the best at what they do, if you can beat them, they will give you $50,000. You read that right! $50,000! They are proud of the SEO capabilities they offer users, and they’ve helped millions of business owners create a stunning online presence. Of course, no matter how well you’re doing, some people will always have something negative to say about it. That’s why Wix have created this fun competition. You can check the challenge website to see what the details are here: http://www.wix.com/wix-lp/seo-heroes. Make sure you check out the FAQs. Will you beat Wix and win $50,000?

The Areas of Optimization That Users in Wix Need to Address

Having a full optimized site is the only way to make sure you’re performing as well as you can be online. In order for Wix users to fully optimize their sites, the following areas of optimization must be addressed:

  • Page meta tags – invisible information that helps your site to get found.
  • Alt Text – this text helps to get your images indexed too.
  • Heading tags – optimized headers for each page on your site.
  • Anchor links – these are the links that connect your pages.
  • Blog – all sites should have a blog to be useful for the user and to update sites with fresh content for SEO purposes.
  • 301 redirects – bring old traffic to your new Wix site so you don’t miss out.
  • Google Analytics – a crucial way of monitoring your users and how they use your site.
  • Site verification – verify your ownership of your site.

If you’re a complete site building newbie, you can find lots of information and tutorials on how to make a website to help you.

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